About Lori

artist Lori McKinnon

Hi! My name is Lori and here is just a little about me...

I am a contemporary artist based in the United States. I am married to my very supportive husband whom I’ve been with since 2001 and have one daughter and two grandchildren. I can be found creating my artwork on the very beautiful Anna Maria Island in Florida. I always feel incredibly blessed to be here as this allows me an abundance of inspiration! 

I have always been very creative, but discovered my love for painting around March of 2020. Over the years, I have gone from a little girl who loved coloring and playing Spirograph to creating jewelry using glass beads and pendants I made from molten glass and now I have evolved into a mixed media artist. I am greatly inspired by nature, the Universe and it's intricate relationships and how everything is woven together

I am a spiritual being who paints intuitively from the heart. My paintings are not pre-planned, rather I paint as I am guided while working with my divine intuition. This is the best way, for me, to create unique one of a kind art from my soul with the hopes of connecting with you on a more meaningful level

I absolutely love what I do and I love sharing it with you! I send you my deepest gratitude and love for your support in this journey of mine. One of the ways I like to give back is through creating inspiring YouTube videos which you can find here:  Lori McKinnon Art on YouTube


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✌️ Charities & Nonprofit Organizations that I have proudly supported:

Life Is Good Playmakers Foundation for Kids
Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch & Shore Bird Monitoring
Big Brothers Big Sisters
American Cancer Society
Salvation Army
AMI Pup Rescue
Rescue Me (dogs)
Boys and Girls Clubs of America
Epilepsy Foundation